Pest Control Facts Revealed

Discover how to save 100's of dollars on your next pest control treatment by avoiding the company from Hell

Pest Control Facts Revealed

"Stop being cheated by your local pest control company." Guaranteed to keep you from being cheated, laughed at, lied to and taken for your hard earned cash.

There is no business in the world that is completely honest. Although most pest contol companies are honest, you'll always come across a few that for some reason or another, like to cheat people. It may or may not be the companies fault. It could just be the employee.

My name is William Taylor and I've been in the pest control business for about 13 years and I've seen lots of dishonesty. From lying to stealing from the customer. I even new an owner one time that knew that certain employees were cheating people but overlooked it because these employees were bringing in a lot of money. These employees thought they were great salesmen but they were just con artists.

I would like to fill you in on what goes on inside a pest control company and what you might expect when they arrive at your home. This could be the most important information about pest control that you will ever discover.

Before your buy from any service company, you must read this.

Calling your local pest control company to do service of your home can be expensive.

Discover what your local pest control company doesn't want you to know and find out what one technician dares to tell.

Learn the answers to all of these questions.

You'll Learn why you should have your guard up.

You'll learn how to deal with those $39.95 specials and what to expect when they arrive at your home.

You'll also find out how to keep those prices from skyrocketing out of your reach.

You'll learn how to create strategies before they even arrive at your door.

These strategies can be used with any service company to save you time, aggravation, insult and money

You'll also learn...

What to say and what not to say
I'll show you some rules to follow when they arive at your home
Find out what you should pay for pest control
Also what you should pay for termite control

I'll give you some proven questions to ask while they are at your home

What you should expect after the treatment
The correct way to do a termite inspection
Learn about pest inspections

You'll discover why you should keep everything under lock and key while they are in your home

Learn why you should never leave anyone you don't know in your home by themselves
Why you should never give any company the keys to your home
Sure fire ways to keep from being cheated

You'll read about real life situations that have happened. Don't let them happen to you

Pest Control Facts Revealed

Announcing an exclusive e-book, available for immediate download and is guaranteed to keep you from getting cheated, laughed at, lied to and taken for your hard earned cash

Written by a licensed certified applicator who's been in the pest control industry for the last 24 years

Pest Control Facts Revealed" Stop Being Cheated By Your Local Pest Control Company Only $7.00 - Available for immediate download in PDF format.