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Q: My name is Kim and I am having a difficulty ridding my house of these German roaches! We are renting the house, and I have never seen such a roach until we moved in. First it was 1 -2 here and there. Now they are evrywhere. In my pantry, cabinets, under my phone mount, I even saw one come out from my refrigerator! They are so agravating, and to make it worst, I have a huge roach phobia! I have bought fog to spray them with....We constantly spray them, however my father in law used to do pest control about 10 years back and we got some concentrate poison from him and are using that....How long is any poision good for? Because I don't beleive the 10 yr. old poision is working. I did read your site and will buy the combat gel, however I have cats and a dog, is it dangerous for them or does it attract them as food will? If you can please help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated!
A: If German cockroaches aren't taken care of they can multiply quickly. 20 to 40 littles babies come out of just one egg capsule. As you can see, they multiply quickly. If the chemical you are using is 10 years old, its probably not any good any longer. Its lost its potency. German cockroaches are very tough and some species have become immune to some foggers, sprays and baits. I've never known anyone to get rid of cockroaches with foggers. Baits seem to work best from my experience. Combat roach gel works well and another product that the professionals use called Maxforce Roach Bait Gel is probably better. Try a search on Google or your favorite search engine for Maxforce and you can probably purchase it on the Internet. The gels will not harm your dog or cat as long as you don't feed it to them and if it is applied correctly. That's the key. Knowing how to apply it. The gels are designed to attract the cockroaches. They consume it and die. Please make sure you read the label and apply accordingly. You might try purchasing some glue boards and place them around your electronics such as microwaves, tv's, computers, phones and behind refrigerator. Although these glue boards will not rid your home of cockroaches, they will help keep them out of your electronics and you will catch many. Cockroach Be Gone is a complete guide to rid your home of cockroaches. It will guide you every step of the way with colorful illustrated drawings and more importantly, Step by Step Instructions. It will show your exactly how to treat and where to treat. How to apply the gels and more.

Q: How far do mosquitos travel. I am fogging my yard but do not know how far around my property to spray. I live in the country and have them very bad.
A: I am not too sure how far they travel but unless you have a continuous spray, say about 3 or 4 times a day you'll probably never get rid of them. Here is a very good article on mosquitos and how to control them.

Q: I found a beetle in my garden that I had never seen before. Any suggestions as to how I may get it identified?
A: If you have a digital camera you could take a close up picture and send it to me and maybe I could identify it. Or you could take it to your local extension service and maybe they could identify it for you. Maybe take it to a reliable local pest control company. Send it to Texas A&M University Entomology Department. It could take some time though.

Q: I live in Pensacola Florida. I noticed they are in the ground around my front porch, I have no grass and the wet leaves (haven't raked this point, no grass). I will try to send a photo but hard to imagine they will show up.What would you recommend for something like silverfish, I have 13 stray cats, a miniature donkey, pot bellied pig and a chow dog. Something safe if you can think of anything. Do you sell anything like that?
A: I would imagine they are not silverfish. It wouldn't hurt to call a local pest control company you can trust and get their opinion. Maybe a free estimate. You don't have to buy their service. I do not sell any chemical products. However, you can search the web and find many chemical products for sale. You would be better off buying something from Home Depot once you find out what they are. You would have to remove all animals before spraying and leave them off the sprayed area a day or so.

Q: How do you prevent sugar ants (in Florida) from coming into your house? If they are already in how do you get rid of them? Thanks.
A: Well, it depends on what you mean by sugar ants. Lots of people call all little tiny ants, sugar ants. However, there are many different kinds of tiny ants. To keep ants from coming into your home I would suggest spraying around your foundation and around all windows and doors and all cracks and crevices. To get rid of them when they are inside of your home there is a product called Terro. Works great. Just read the label and apply accordingly. Also you may want to read this article. If they are Pharaoh ants do not spray inside the home. This will only scatter them throughout your home and make them worse.

Q: Thank you for your advice on the ants. It worked very well. What is the best procedure for getting rid of spiders? We have spiders that are all over our patio. When we moved into our new home we were told that the spiders are the result of constructions nearby and will probably be gone in three years. Our friends who moved in three years ago don't have that problem but they are in another part of the development. My main concern is getting rid of spiders who have come into the house. Hope you have as good a solution as you provided with the ants.
A: Spiders are little harder to control than ants. Spiders don't pick up an insecticide residual as other insects do. A spider can walk right through a residual and not be affected. In other words they are basically a contact kill pest. You would probably have to spray a spider on contact to kill them. Spiders are one of the hardest pests to control. I am not an advocate on spraying inside of a home, especially with children in the home. Your best bet with spiders is to spray around the foundation of your home periodically to kill as many as possible. If you have a brick home with weep holes in the brick ( the small spaces left in the brick close to the foundation ) injecting an insecticidal dust into these weep holes can help also.

Q: Is there a differance in the combat gels in the gold and silver tubes, we got rid of our roaches with the silver tube but cant find it anymore?
A: I'm not sure why the silver is no longer available. Perhaps it contained another ingredient that is no longer used or cannot be used to sell over the counter. Laws change so fast they are hard to keep up with. For instance, certain insecticides used by the professionals (licensed pest control operators) cannot be sold at for instance Home Depot. You might try this link. Also, what the professionals use called Maxforce Roach Bait Gel here. Some of the ingredients are fipronil. You can read about that here. Maxforce is kind of expensive, however it works great.

Q: Hi, i have lots of stray cats wondering around my garden, they are driving me crazy, wee-ing and pooing everywhere. how can i prevent this??? Ive tried cat jel but it didn't work, i am seriously thinking of putting some sort of poision into some food to put an ending to this, i know this is cruel but they are homeless scraggy things! Please help!
A: Well , stray cats are not really pest control problem, although they can be pests, cats are not in the pest control category. A person ask me one time what he could use to poison cats and I recommended trapping them. You can use tuna fish or something on that order. Probably a one by one process. Once trapped and in the cage, call the pound to pick it up or take it to the humane society.

Q: am very confused and frankly "freaked out". We recently moved into a new home and I think the bugs I am seeing are roaches, but they don't look like any of the pictures I can find on the internet. I never had a roach in the house I lived in for 10 years and I am confused because of where I see these bugs. I always see them upstairs and I have seen 2 downstairs right next to the stairs. (which is not near the kitchen) I have only seen a total of probably 10 and we have ALOT of trees around our house. SO my question I guess is.... if there are none of these bugs anywhere else but upstairs in our house, and I can't find a picture of the "roach like bug" but something tells me its a roach then why are they here?? We don't have food upstairs and the house is very clean. I could really use some advice. I am scared of getting "ripped off" by a pest control company...but I am also scared of a bug showing up and someone thinking we are dirty people. Are there any other bugs that very closly look like a roach but may not be one?? Thanks a bunch!
A: There are lots of different insects ( bugs ) in the universe. I don't know where you live, what part of the country or World and it is very hard to say without actually seeing the insect. Also I don't know how large it is. However, lots of homes have insects and roaches without being a dirty home. I've been in $500,000 homes with cockroaches that are very clean. I don't think that people will think that you are dirty. Here in Texas, everyone has bugs. Bugs do get upstairs and in attics. If you have a digital camera, try to take a closeup and email it to me and I will try to identify it for you. It could be just a freak thing and just their season and they could possibly go away before long. If you call a pest control company, try to get at least two opinions...

Q: My yard then house has seen an over abundance of insects listed below. Can you identify it for me. Thank You! About 1/4" long; flies, 3 legs each side, visible antennae; oval shape; black head; wings have diamond patern dominant w/black, then brown and tan.
A: Sounds like a chinch bug.

Reply: saw the drawing on the web site and it matches the "Southern chinch bug". Any thoughts as to what I do next?

Just do a good spraying around the perimeter of your home with a good outdoor insecticide and around all windows, doors, cracks and crevices. You might want to spray the yard if necessary. If spraying yard, make sure all pets stay off for at least 4 hours. They will probably go away in a week or so. Its probably just their mating season.

Q: I am having problems with either opossoms or rats not sure which. How can I get rid of them. I live in a mobilehome and they are using their claws to rip off the skirting to enter under my home. I live in Southern california. thanks for any help you can give me.......glenda
A: I would doubt if a rat would be large enough to rip off skirting. Could be an opossum or raccoon . A rat would be more apt to dig under. Trapping would be your best bet. An opossum will eat almost anything. Place some food inside the trap and you are bound to catch one. Wire traps can be bought at almost any feed store. If you think it might be a rat, set some rat traps, the large one's baited with peanut butter.

Q: Which is the quickest way to get rid of rats/mice. And what is the difference between the two?
A: Getting rid of rats and mice is really not that hard. I lot depends on where they are located. Baits can be used but make sure they are not accessible to children and pets. It may take from 4 to six days for them to die after eating the baits. But they work. Snap traps are good for mice and rats using peanut butter as a lure. If you have a lot of them this would probably be quickest. Commensal rodents such as rats and mice differ in size, shape and looks. Mice don't grow up to be rats. There are field mice and the house mouse. Roof rats and Norway rats. Norway rats are the largest. One can tell by the size and shape of the droppings.

Q: found two "bugs" in my kitchen cupboard which had the shape and antenna of a roach but the body was reddish-brown with a black head. Not bands or stripes. I call an exterminator but he said it sounded like a box elder bug. I think he is wrong and it was a roach. How can I be sure of what it was? Thank you.
A: Box elder bugs are more black in color with red markings on the shell (back) Its very unusual to find one in a cupboard. It does sound more like a cockroach. Maybe baby cockroach. Most small cockroaches (instars) don't have bands or stripes but without actually seeing the insect I really couldn't be sure. If you still have the insect, try taking it to your local exterminator's office for identification. Talk to a manager.

Q: gnats or no seeums(not sure which) are so bad we cannot go in our yard. They get in your face and it is unbearable. What can we do?
A: Flying insects are very difficult to control. My suggestion would be to spray or have sprayed your entire yard. This should cut down on them somewhat.

Q: Our house is plagued with silverfish, so my husband recently bought some home foggers to take care of them. I have a 1 month old infant and a 2 year old. I am worried about any effects that the fogging would have on them--do I need to clean everything in the house after the fogging? Will there be adverse effects if they touch anything in the room at the time of the fogging? Aside from staying out of the house during the allotted time, how can I ensure their safety?
A: I would suggest not using anything such as this in your home until the infant is at least 6 months old. I don't like foggers in the home because they leave a residue on everything. However, the residual on these foggers is nil to none. The effects are only good for a short period of time. They are like using a can of Raid. There is no residual. Silverfish can also be located in attics. Perhaps your husband should fog the attic instead. Before fogging, read the label of the product completely. Cover all dishes and food product left in the open. Cleaning everything in the house is probably not necessary because like I said, there is no long term residual for this product.

Q: I brought in some carpet from a person that gave it away.. i brought it into my living room and two days later I saw a dead roach on it and that night i saw a big live one I killed it and threw the carpet into the yard.. since then I saw one roach killed it. and n ow i see bugs i guess i dont know if it is baby roaches or not. could i just be imagining it???? my sister use to have them bad i mean you would see them crawling on the walls.... I cant stand them... i am getting chills just typing this.. Is there a chance i just brought in a few from this carpet and that what i am seeing is just some other kind of bug... I live in the country... Please help me.. I cant afford to do a lot...
A: is possible if the carpet was rolled it could have had roaches, especially if the person who gave it to you had cockroaches in their home. Some types of cockroaches are brought into the home in things such as this and also in used furniture..... I don't know where you live or what size the cockroaches were that you saw. If they were the large cockroaches such as the so called water bug size it could have just come from outside.

Q: I live in Ontario, Canada. I just went to make a box of kraft dinner, and when i poured it into the boiling water, two bugs floated up that look like fleas. They are the same size as adult fleas, with it looks like hard shelled bodies, and antenna's. And when i opened up my cuppard, I saw 3 more right away, and now that it's been open for a bit, i don't see anymore. is it possible these are baby cockroaches?
A: Well, they are not fleas. Sounds like you have weevils or possibly flour beetles. I would go through everything in the cubbard, including flour, cereals, cat food, dog food, bird seed, sugar and even any type of rat or mouse bait. You probably picked it up at the grocery store. They came with the product. Check closely or they could spread throughout your home.

Q: Hello from Butler Pa...I had heard by putting moth balls in my house that it will prevent spiders from coming in the fall? I just hope the smell doesn't drive me out...LOL Thanks for any info.
A: Well, I've never heard of moth balls preventing spiders. Putting moth balls in your attic will help keep squirrels away. But spiders, I don't think so.

Q: I occasionally find bugs in my home that look like large moquitos but instead have a thin red body and do bite. Any ideas what it might be?
A: Sorry sounds strange to me. The only thing I can think of is a boxelder bug but it doesn't look like a mosquito. You might do a search on Google.

Q: I am moving into an apartment building that is old and made of concrete. Although my air system is said to be separate from the rest of the apartmetns there is an incredible amount of pesticide in the air in this apartment which makes by tongue and whole respiratory system go into shock. With that being said, I desparately need a way to cleanse the air in this apartment and as well maintain that system since I am surrounded by chemical bug spray via management. Also, my reaction occurred within 15 mins. of entering the apartment and the windows had been left open for 3 days --- it is really toxic. Can you help? Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.
A: I can understand your feelings. Some people are very sensitive to chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. I am really not in the business of knowing how to clean pesticides out of an environment. My expertise is pest control. However, most chemicals used these days are designed to break down. Especially chemicals and pesticides applied inside. I don't know what was done at your apartment but If it were me I would take soap and water and wash down all cubbards, especially the inside of the cubbards. Mop floors, clean carpet and wash all baseboards. If you are not allergic to deodorizers, there is a product called Oust that can be purchased at the grocery store. It can be purchased in different scents. Comes in a spray can or one of those plug in things. Works great for odors.

Q: I have flying bugs found exclusively in my food kitchen cuppard. How can I exterminate them forever?
A: I'm not sure what the flying bugs look like but if they look like moths you probably have Indian meal moths. You will have to take everything out of your cupboard. Next, go through everything in your cupboard. Flour, sugar, cereals, meal, everything even sealed packages. Throw away anything you might find these moths in. Look for weblike things in packages.

Q: I bought some bird seed a few months ago, left it in my cupbourd only to find it had loads of weevils. I threw it out strait away. Can the weevils live anywhere else or have I got rid of them. I keep seeing a few weevils in the kitchen.
A: Throwing it out was the right thing to do. Very smart. You might want to go through everything else in your cupboard to make sure they didn't spread. Taking everything out of your cupboard might be advised. A non residual spray can be used in and around the cupboard area. Make sure everything is removed from your cupboard first.

Q: If I have Silverfish in my home does this mean my home is dirty?
A: The fact that you have silverfish absolutely does not mean that your home is dirty. Lot's of people have silverfish. Even clean homes. You might find silverfish in your bathtub,closets, attic and other areas throughout your home. They usually live in warm or humid places. They eat starchy substances such as paper, glue, textiles, but they will also eat biscuit and bread crumbs. They can live up to about 2 years at the correct temperature. Around 85 degrees F.

Q: I saw a spider this morning and before I could catch it, it went inside my monitor. How do I get it out or kill it. I was wondering if I sprayed some canned air in the openings if it would come out?
A: Canned air sounds like the only solution. It probably won't stay in the monitor very long anyway.

Q: My wife and have a major problem with flies around our front porch area. Notice them too around our back patio. We hung one of those smelly traps and catch alot of flies, but they keep multiplying. We havea raised foundation and our front porch is a wooden deck. Could they be coming from under there? No traps seem to help and sprays last about 5 mins and they are back.
A: It may be possible that you have a dead varmint around somewhere. Possibly a dead rat or other dead animal. Take a look under your foundation and wooden deck for a dead rodent. You may possibly find one.

Q: I own an 80 year old two-flat which had a minor roach and rodent problem. The Orkin man took care of the problem with his every-other-month visits. After six months I finally moved in a few weeks ago. One of my cats had been sick for many months before I moved and, sadly, he died one week after I moved in. I assume he died from his many health problems but could pesticide residue have been a contributing factor? The Orkin guy hadnt been to my building for more than a month before I moved.
A: esticides used now are regulated and are pretty safe as long as you don't drink them. I would doubt if any residue left by the Orkin man would have harmed your cat, especially after a full month.

Q: Hello, I recently (6 days ago) signed rented an apartment with a roach problem that I didn't know about prior to signing the lease. My landlord lies to me saying that are not roaches but are, and I quote, "American Water Bugs". They look like american roaches. My question for you is are there any bugs that look suspiciously like roaches that are called American Water Bugs, or is she making this up entirely. And if someone sees 8-10 roaches in less than a week in an 800 square foot apartment, how many roaches are probably there?
A: The "water bug" is basically just a slang word. People in different parts of the US call these so called water bugs different things. Such as in Florida, they are called Paw Meadow bugs. Excuse my spelling. A so called "water bug" is a cockroach and your apartment manager needs to do something about them for you. If they look like American cockroaches, they probably are. Sounds to me like the manager is trying to "pull your leg".

Q: How would you recommend getting rid of silverfish? I see them in my apartment and the exterminator has already been out to spray twice.
A: If you are living in an apartment they may be coming from the apartment next door or above or below you. All the apartments should be treated at the same time. They may be coming from the attic space above you if that applies. Getting rid of insects in an apartment is not an easy task unless they are all treated at once.

Q: What should you do if you have a foul odor in a room and you think it is a dead rat trapped in the wall. How can you get the rat out and the odor.
A: If the rat is in the wall, there is not much you can do but leave it there. A good product for odors is "Oust" which can be purchased at the grocery store. Nature will take care of the rat and the odor should go away in about two weeks.

Q: We have a old farm house in Upstate NY. The problems is that we have mice and rats. To control them we have used Poison in doing this the little/large have died in areas that we can not get to. Leaving the house with a not so pleasant oder. How does on get ride of the smell without taring the walls and floors up.
A: That's the problem with using baits. The odor will eventually go away. Nature takes care of that. This sounds gruesome but the files come, lay their eggs and the maggots devour the rat. The rat dries up and the smell goes away. There is something called "rat sorb" you may be able to get at a feed store. A product called Oust can be purchased at your local grocery store and works well with rat odors. Don't fret, the smell will go away.

Q: I just recently went to my younger sisters house for a usual visit and while in the middle of dinner, we were cracking jokes and I lifted my head up to laugh and I noticed that little/medium roaches were lined along her ceiling. Where the ceiling raised the roaches had gathered in little groups, counting to about 20-25. I of course could not finish my dinner, but I got up and looked in all three rooms and the roaches were in all three. Mainly in the back and livingroom. QUESTION: Why do they do that? Why don't they come down the walls into there belongings? and does this mean there problem is serious? Second situation. Once I noticed them I began wondering around in complete shock, I went in the restroom and went to turn on the light, I at once noticed the roaches were coming out of the electrical plug in thing that is next to the light switch. QUESTION: It's obvious they have a bad case, but can it harm their 2 year old and not to mention she is almost eight months pregnant. She said they have bombed twice.
A: Seeing cockroaches on the ceiling in groups indicates an over abundance of them and they are stressed due to the bombing. Bombing for cockroaches will only make them worse, as for spraying. Sounds like these are German cockroaches. German cockroaches are the most presistant cockroach in the United States. Your sister has a serious problem that will only get worse. Baits and dusts should only be used for getting rid or German cockroaches. It is said that cockroaches can cause asthma in young children. It can cost up to 400 dollars to call a professional to rid your sisters home of cockroaches. Don't fall for the $39.95 specials. It can take up to 6 months to rid your sisters home of cockroaches depending on the infestation. Some houses take less time. Cockroach Be Gone in digital form. in print.

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